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David Kris discusses the Mueller investigation of the President with Judy Woodruff (PBS News Hour, January 2019).

David Kris discusses the Carter Page FISA applications with Rachel Maddow (MSNBC, July 2018).

Nate Jones discusses communications security with Brooke Baldwin (CNN, May 2018).

David Kris discusses the Helsinki Summit with the BBC (BBC, July 2018).

Nate Jones discusses the possible U.S. response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria with Ana Cabrera (CNN, April 2018).

Books, Papers & Other Written Material

David Kris and Michael Morell, The High Cost of William Barr's Spying Allegations (Washington Post, April 16, 2019)

David Kris, Why the FBI's Investigation Into the President Was Unavoidable (Lawfare, January 2019).

David Kris and Michael Morell, It's Not a Trade War with China. It's a Tech War (Washington Post, December 2018).

David Kris, How the FISA Court Really Works (Lawfare, September 2018).

David Kris, 3 Ways Revoking Brennan's Clearance is Bad for the Country (Washington Post, August 2018).

David Kris, The Carter Page Wiretap Dispute Isn’t a Fair Fight (Washington Post, July 2018)

David Kris, Carpenter's Implications for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (Lawfare, June 2018).

David Kris, The NSA and the USA Freedom Act (Lawfare, July 2018).

Nate Jones, Ongoing Attacks on the Rule of Law. (Cipher Brief, May 2018).

David Kris, Breaching Norms Has a Price (The Atlantic, May 2018).

David Kris and Nate Jones, Donald Trump and John Bolton:  A Volatile Mix (Lawfare, April 2018).
David Kris, Reflections on an Introduction to Israeli National Security Challenges (Lawfare, August 2016).

David Kris and Doug Wilson, National Security Investigations and Prosecutions (Thompson Reuters, 2d ed. 2012).

Third-Party Podcasts & Radio

David Kris and Nate Jones are regular contributors on the Cyberlaw Podcast (hosted by Stewart Baker) and on the Lawfare Podcast (hosted by Benjamin Wittes).

David Kris talks to Alisa Chang of NPR about the Mueller Report and Attorney General Bill Barr's press conference (All Things Considered, April 2019).

David Kris talks to Mary Louise Kelly of NPR on Jared Kushner's security clearance (All Things Considered, March 2019).

David Kris talks to KNX Radio about the Russia threat (In Depth, August 2018).

David Kris talks to Steve Scully of C-SPAN about electronic surveillance (C-SPAN Podcast, February 2018).

David Kris talks with Stacey Vanek Smith of NPR about Russian election interference (Morning Edition, February 2018).


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